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Contact Lenses

Whether you are new to contact lenses or an old hand we have the service to match. We can source all contact lens types and will advise on suitability and product appropriate to your needs. Importantly, a full aftercare service is available.

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We can fully assess your eyes for contact lens suitability including dry eye assessment, fit trial lenses and assess their fit on your eyes, check your vision with the contact lenses in, comprehensively teach you how to insert, remove and clean the lenses and when finally happy that you are confident with them still see you for regular aftercare visits into the future.

woman inserting contact lenses


Soft, Astigmatism and Varifocal Lenses

Soft, astigmatism and varifocal lenses are all routinely fitted with a wide range of trial lenses in stock enabling early assessments. Unfortunately we no longer fit rigid gas permeable lenses.

We can source all of the commercially available contact lens solutions for cleaning of contact lenses and so are able to find the solutions best suited to your eyes having carried out thorough aftercare visits.

If contact lenses are something you have always considered but you have never got around to trying, then contact us today for a trial. We will always give you that extra bit of time and support to get you on the road to clear vision without glasses.

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